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Mission Statement
The best solutions for measurement and control.
Mission Statement
 Customers, through reliable and innovative solutions.  Business associates, through pursuit of mutual opportunities.
 Employees, through a positive, challenging environment where  Shareholders, through a consistent growth in value.
   we can fulfill our full potential and where we embrace diversity.  The world communities by contributing to the management of
 Communities, in which we operate, through sharing of    resources.
   resources, support of employee involvement and leadership.  
Guiding principles
The daily actions of the company and its employees will be guided by
 Customer expectations  Honest communications
 Code of conduct  Establishment and reporting of measurable goals and results
 Commitment to employee development and diversity  Commitment to teamwork
 Respect, trust, dignity and integrity at all times  Dedication to continuous improvement and excellence for fun,
     excitement and success!
Tuhlen has a strong commitment to its employees:
 To provide a safe, secure work environment  To provide an atmosphere free of harassment where our
 To treat all employees with respect and dignity    employees respect the rights of their coworkers
 To provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment to a  To develop the skills of our employees
   diverse workforce  
Tuhlen Control Systems     Your Partner for Measurement & Control Solutions
  Prodcuts Applications Company  
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