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About tuhlen
Committed to RD and production of Industrial sensor and control system, Tuhlen control system is under growth and well developing.

Tuhlen can provide customer perfect solution for process control from sensor to system control.

Comprehensive product line covers: temperature, pressure sensor and switch,and force. etc.

Face with continuous demand of improved technical requirement, Tuhlen RD team promote innovation, and provide up-to-date technology product.In meanwhile, flexible,convenient tailor-made service can help customer have variant special requirement.

Excellent product performance bring good name for Tulen in different applications; excellent customer experience maintain harmonious mutual relation between Tulen and customers; intimate after-service team, help customer be prepared on time .

Tuhlen control system (shanghai) co.,Ltd focus on sales and after-service within Asia market . bring excellent product and service for Asia customers, and growth with every customers, contribute our effort for different industry.

Tuhlen control system main service following industries, Hydraulic system, HVAC, food & medical industry, textile machines, machine tools etc ..
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