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Capsule Pressure Gauges Type Series PSG24
  High reliability and long service life

Zero adjustment

Overload protection up 10

Copper alloy measurment system

Cost effective solution
    Technical Data
    Scale Ranges 0...25mbar to 1000mbar (NS 160: 0...6mbar to 1000mbar)
    Nominal size 63100160mm
    Design EN 837-3
    Accuracy 1,6
    Case stainless steel 304
    Pressure element Capsule element, CuBe alloy
    Process connection Cu-alloy, Lower mount or back mount
    Movement Cu-alloy
    Zero correction From the front
    Seal NBR (Perbunan)
    Pointer Aluminium, black
    Dial Aluminium, white
    Window Instrument glass
    Working pressure Steady: full scale value
Fluctuating: 0,9 of full scale value
Short time: 1,3 of full scale value
    Operating temperature Ambient: -20...+60C
Medium: max. +60C
    Type of protection IP54
    Filter state measurement
    Exhaust gas measurement
    Gas generation and air-conditioning technology
    Medical engineering
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