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Capsule Pressure Gauges Type Series PSG21
  High reliability and long service life

Zero adjustment

Design per EN 837-3

Copper alloy measurment system

Cost effective solution
    Technical Data
    Scale Ranges 0...25mbar to 1000mbar
    Nominal size 6380100mm
    Design EN 837-3
    Accuracy 1,6
    Case black steel (Option: stainless steel 304)
    Pressure element Capsule element, CuBe alloy
    Process connection Cu-alloy, Lower mount or back mount
    Movement Cu-alloy
    Zero correction From the front
    Seal NBR (Perbunan)
    Pointer Aluminium, black
    Dial Aluminium, white
    Window Clip-in plastic
    Working pressure Steady: full scale value
Fluctuating: 0,9 of full scale value
Short time: 1,3 of full scale value
    Operating temperature Ambient: -20...+60C
Medium: max. +60C
    Type of protection IP32
    Filter state measurement
    Exhaust gas measurement
    Gas generation and air-conditioning technology
    Medical engineering
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