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Pressure Transmitter Type Series PST21
  Measuring range from 100mbar to 1000bar

Finely graded selection of nominal range according to EN

Highly resistant to shock and vibration

For dynamic or static measurements

Good reproducibility

Simple installation
     Technical Data
    Scale Ranges 0...100 mbar to 1000bar (absolute pressure on request)
    Accuracy 0.5%(standard)0.25%0.1%
    Non linearity ܡ0.2%(standard)
    Stability ܡ0.05% of full scale value by reference conditions
    Hysteresis ܡ0.05% of full scale value
    Non repeatability ܡ0.1% of full scale value
    Measuring system oil-filled diffused silicon piezoresistive
    Case stainless steel 316L
    Wetted parts stainless steel 316LNBR Option: FKM)
    Process connection G1/2 according to EN 837 (further connections upon request)
    Power supply 6...36VDC
    Output signal 4...20mA,2-wire circuitry
0...10V,3-wire circuitry
    Electrical connection plug per DIN EN 175301-803 with junction box, cable outlet (further connections upon request)
    Operating temperature Storage: -40...+125C
Ambient: -40...+125C
Medium: -30...+100C (Option: -40...+125C)
    Temperature influence ܡ0.2% of full scale value / K
    Reaction time 10ms
    Load 4...20mA:(UB-10V)/0.020A
    Emission according to EN 61 326
    Interference according to EN 61 326
    Electrical protection types polarity,overload and short-circuit protection
    Load capacity shock(mechanical): 1000g acc. to IEC 60068-2-27
vibration(under resonance): 20g acc. to IEC 60068-2-6)
    Type of protection IP65(cable outlet IP67)
    Development and laboratory, process engineering
    Plant and apparatus construction
    Measurement and control technology
    Hydraulics and pneumatics
    Pumps and compressors
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