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Electronic flow switch Type Series FMT40
    Technical Data
    Measuring Range 1...150cm/s ( water )
3...300cm/s ( oil )
20...2000cm/s ( air )
    Output Signal Transistor (PNP or NPN)
    Supply Voltage 24V DC20%
    Switching Current Relay1A~48 V AC/DC
Transistor (PNP or NPN)Max.400mA
    Switching Adjustment Potentiometer adjustment
    Mechanical Strength PN100
    Medium Temp. Variation 4C/s
    Response Time 1~13sTypical value 2s
    Initialization Time ~18s
    Electrical protection reverse polarity and over voltage protection
    Protection Class IP67
    Temperature Ranges Media-20~+80C
    Electrical Connection Round connector M 12x1
    Case stainless steel
    Stem stainless steel
    Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
    Fluid cut monitoring of circulating water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil
    Rotary protection of pump
    Fire fighting system
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